Best Friend Commits Suicide: In Memory Of Jarom Hadley Nathaniel Rihari. Haka 'Tau Ka Tau'.......

They lost their best friend and brother to suicide and this is the haka done at his tangi. This shows the pain of those left behind from suicide.Source


  1. Why so much anger? They are all at risk of suicide!

    1. It is not anger. Please read up on Haka. It is maori tradition.

  2. I was there.. I was there at the hospital when he passed. He was one of my best friends and I miss him every day. I am out of camera shot in the video as i did not know the Haka they were performing though I wish i did. We talked the night before he attempted suicide. I wish he told me what he was feeling. If i go through my life only to have one regret it would be that I was not there for him when he needed me and my mates the most... Fly high brother.


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